About Lemòire

Hi I'm Eline! Welcome to my store. I am an interior designer and the owner of Lemoire Design: an interior architecture studio that I founded.  www.lemoiredesign.com I have always wanted to create my own interior collection and that is how Lemoire Home came to be. This is a handpicked selection of furniture, art work, rugs, pillows, accessories, decoration and gifts for any occasion.

For advice on how to style items from the Lemoire Home collection, Lemoire Design can guide you with interior consultation online or in person.


About Eline 

Eline comes with her 8 years of academic and international design experience. Eline attended universities of design and architecture in the Netherlands, Belgium and Texas granting her a unique style as well as experience. 

Eline: ''My passion for interior design and architecture is reflected in my work. I stand for bold interior plans and unique concepts. My choices are comfortable and chic. I incorporate the location, space, and purpose in my design. This is the mix for a tailored end result. With my eye for detail, I distinguish my design technique from the crowd.